Letter To My Son – Always Choose Honesty.

Dear Son,

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about honesty and how rare it has become. As you grow older, and your personal relationships with others become more complex – I encourage you to be generous with empathy.

Sometimes people are deliberate in their actions, sometimes they are not. Sometimes dishonesty comes from a place of need, sometimes it comes from a place of greed.

Either way, understand that ultimately, what people choose to do with their conscience is none of your business. When faced with difficult decisions, choose honesty. When faced with conflict and misunderstanding, choose peace. When people disrespect your intelligence, I encourage you son – to choose forgiveness.

We cannot always influence other people’s actions towards us, but we can choose how our personal experiences shape us. And so give yourself permission to walk away from conflict, knowing that you have chosen to prioritise your personal well-being, peace and happiness over everything else.

Always choose honesty son. Always. All ways. Happy birthday, baby!!

I love you. Mom. x

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