Musings Over Coffee Podcast

My podcast, Musings Over Coffee, launches in a few days and by the sounds of it you’re gon’ LOVE it!

Growing up, I never once thought I’d become an Event Planner. In fact, I almost convinced myself I was born to be a journalist. Then marketing communications advisor, investment banker, corporate communications aficionado, real estate marketer. Hear this: I even braided people’s hair in my home to make a living during one of those blistering cold Scottish winters! 😭 Yah. That last one never made it to my CV. But here’s the gist, if it’s legal, I’ve probably tried it.

After producing 150+ events for clients across 5 continents at PlanIt Ghana, I could never be more certain that I have finally found my happy place.

I get so many questions during my business coaching sessions at Planners Hub. “How did you know event planning was the right career choice?” “How did you break into what was a fairly non-existent market in Ghana back then?” “How soon did your business begin to make profit?” “Have you had any terrible client experiences?” “How are you able to cope as a full-time working mom?” “How old is your son?” “Are you planning to have any more children?” “Why?” “Why not?”

My new love project, Musings Over Coffee Podcast, is where I’m spilling the proverbial beans, in it’s entirety. Why a podcast? Because my client and friend, Yorm, introduced me to audio books last year and I’ve been fascinated with podcasts since. Because it appears no one in the events industry in Ghana hosts a podcast [still struggling to find up to 10 in the wider business community]; so I thought: why th not?! Because when you’re first starting out as a business owner, it is uplifting to hear from other entrepreneurs on a similar journey. Because my book-share BFF, Sarah, wants me to publish a book about my experiences, and I reckon a podcast will help me reach a wider audience. Because this is my year of saying YES! To all of my dreams, hopes, trembling hands, quivering voices – doubts, uncertainties, what ifs.

Because, it is possible friends! I look forward to connecting with you online and offline. Until then, stay topped up!

Your Event Planning BFF, Gloria. xoxo

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