Self-care Is The New Relationship Goals.

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you gave yourself permission to rest? Or enjoyed a good read without interruption? Or switched your phone off for the weekend in order to be truly present for the people who love you?

I meet event professionals everyday who have put their friendships and relationships on the back-burner to chase their dreams. We leave our corporate jobs for entrepreneurial pursuits, excited that we finally have more flexibility and control over our lives. But end up with the exact opposite.

I’ll be the first to admit that, as a creative entrepreneur, it is difficult to separate your personal life from your craft. Our minds are always ticking – actively searching for better ways to serve our clients and eliminate their pain points. Discovering new creative ideas is always super exciting. But if there’s anything I’ve learnt from spending more time in hospitals this year than I have my entire adult life, it is this: we need to learn to build our careers around our lives, instead of our lives around our careers.

Relationships can get tough for most creatives. Acquaintances feel entitled to us and our time, and we allow it. That’s how we find ourselves answering business calls in the middle of family dinners and responding to e-mails at midnight, even when we’re clearly fatigued. We’re so enamoured with our craft, that we neglect the need to guard our energy and prioritize self care. We fail to understand that the only way to offer our best selves to others – is to do so from a place of rest and not stress.

So many things are changing for me as I grow older and become more self-aware. And two of those things are being more mindful of my personal well-being and being present for my cheerleaders. Trust me, the world can wait while you take a day off to breathe. It’s not that urgent.

Happy Sunday, friends! Stay topped up.

Your Event Planning BFF, Gloria. xoxo

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