Letter To My Son – Be Prudent.

Dear Son,

As you grow older, you will begin to understand that love and loyalty does not always go together. Understand, also, that healthy relationships require friendship that is built on mutual love and respect.

When your love for someone is countered with manipulation and untruths, please know that you are dealing with a relationship that is toxic. I know that you trust easily. But son, an open all trusting heart often battles with common sense and intuition; and leaves us vulnerable to pain that is difficult to recover from.

Be prudent. Learn to fiercely protect your space, and only allow people in it who have earned their spot. And Son? When someone in your circle disrespects your trust, or begins to suffocate you with their presence, remember – that it is okay to let people go…and still love them. It is okay son.

I love you, Mom.  x

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