Mantra – It’s Okay To Say “NO”.

Today, I want to share one of my new mantras with you. Here it is: when you have clarity in your business, you will have clarity in your message. When you have clarity in your message, you will be able to attract the clients who appreciate and value you.

One of our business goals in the second half of 2017, was to fine-tune PlanIt Ghana’s ideal client profile, narrow our niche even further, and be truly intentional about curating the best value possible for our clients. This has meant graciously but firmly saying no to others; knowing that the people we do say yes to, will receive 110% from us.

A lot of us struggle with people pleasing and saying yes to every opportunity. We fight our gut feelings, book too many jobs or clients who aren’t a good fit and end up working on projects we aren’t passionate about. Do you know the one thing that is worse than saying no? Showing up exhausted, or worse [gasp] uninspired. There’s nothing more draining than working with someone who makes you hate your job.

Now, I know it is difficult to say no to new opportunities, especially a paying client. I still struggle with this myself sometimes. But I have come to understand that “no” isn’t always a negative. No can mean: “I am not in a position to assist you with A, but I am happy to support you with B”. No can mean: “Please give me permission to introduce someone else to you who’ll be able to serve you better.”

I have learnt the hard way that people will appreciate and respect you so much more if you say “Hey! Thank you so much for choosing us. […] because we want you to have a wonderful wedding planning experience, here are contacts for x, y & z who we trust will be a better fit for you…” as an example, instead of reluctantly saying yes, knowing you’re setting yourself up for fail.

Growth doesn’t always mean quantity guys. It means focusing on the things that will move your business forward. It means freeing up your time so you can do more of the tasks you enjoy. It means protecting your energy and prioritising self care so you can give 110% to the people you truly care about.

It is okay to say yes to yourself and the clients you’re working with more, by declining some of the new “opportunities” that come your way.

Happy Monday, friends! Here’s to more clarity this week.

Your Event Planning BFF, Gloria. xoxo

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