Letter To My Son – Listen To Your Guts.

Dear Son,

I pray you never feel a need to seek approval in the eyes of your peers; nor find a need to impress others with actions that leave you emptier than fulfilled. When people attack you with words, remember that it is often a sign of their own weaknesses and seldom yours. Take nothing personally. Always follow your guts son – if it feels like cow dung, it probably is.

Son, by all means adopt your father’s impressive ability to shrug off bs, but inherit the fire that burns within me to fight for what is rightfully yours. When your conception of what is acceptable sometimes seems completely divorced from the realities of your own experience, I pray you never feel compelled to disregard that which you have always known to be right.

Vulnerability is a strength – do not put up walls around your emotions. And should you ever doubt yourself, son – I hope you remember…that you’re enough.

I love you. Mom. x

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